Vision & Mission of Wonder Voyage
Vision & Mission of Wonder Voyage

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Philosophy & Mission of Wonder Voyage

Imagine a journey, a pilgrimage of sorts; a great adventure of extraordinary exploration into foreign cultures where you will encounter God through the eyes of strangers you will soon call friends. 

Wonder Voyage is an extraordinary non-profit organization that creates personalized pilgrimages and mission trips; our voyages encourage an encounter with the heart of God through exploration and sacrificial service to distinctive communities around the globe. Through Wonder Voyage, each event becomes a journey and every participant a pilgrim.

Our threefold philosophy is simple. First and foremost, we create a voyage that allows seekers to experience the Wonder of God’s presence. Second, we enter these Voyages to fascinating locations by dedicating ourselves to listening, learning, praying, and playing. Finally, we give each community of seekers the opportunity to serve mankind through a specific Mission defined by their leadership.

Wonder Voyage Missions endeavors to be a catalyst of exploration and transformation for fellow pilgrims on this amazing life journey.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.”
Psalm 84:5