Wonder Voyage History
Wonder Voyage History

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Wonder Voyage Founder - Shawn Small
Shawn Small - Founder

After ten years as a congregational student minister Shawn Small went on sabbatical to decide what he wanted to do when he grew up. During that year he pondered his most effective moments in student ministry. The greatest seasons of transformation and lifelong memories that he experienced with young people were on a variety of mission trips and pilgrimages around the world. Adventures like living with indigenous Indians in the mountains of Guatemala, performing drama productions throughout Ireland and Canada, serving third world America in New Orleans, or hiking the wilds of Alaska all taught him the power of a community journey.

In 2000, Shawn launched Wonder Voyage Missions, a unique non-profit organization that focused on six specific goals for their voyages: fashioning a voyage that is personalized for each team; coordinating all the details of the trip so the leader of the group can focus on community instead of minutia; finding creative moments to reflect on God and allowing Him to speak; being truly ecumenical thus giving all genuine seeking communities an opportunity to experience a voyage together; engaging in the authentic exploration of the cultures we visit; and having a global range of locations to visit. A distinctive staff began to gather around the vision of Wonder Voyage. From a plethora of denominations, backgrounds and locations they joined with their passions and talents to help create a different kind of organization.

As Wonder Voyage continues to evolve as an organization, we strive to create voyages that are extraordinary in style, exceptional in development and generous in service, while remaining focused and passionate in our reflection of Christ.